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I’m Ron Cummings, owner of Clean Theory. With over 20 years of residential and commercial carpet cleaning experience, I can guarantee that when you hire Clean Theory you’re getting the best. How can I do that? Simple...I’m also the only employee of my company. I know, it’s a throwback to a simpler time but isn’t it comforting to know that the guy that shows up at your door isn’t on his first day at the job?  
Imagine setting up an appointment with the actual person that’s going to be doing the cleaning? No more 4 to 6 hour arrival time window. I show up at the time we agree upon. What a concept!
Unlike the larger cleaning franchises out there waiting to nickel and dime you, I believe in upfront pricing, and there’s never any hidden costs. Click here for pricing & services . How about the comfort in knowing that you’ll be getting the same great service every time you call Clean Theory?
Contact me today to schedule a cleaning or free estimate .  Remember... everything I do comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  


customer reviews...
" In this day and age it's rare to find a service as consistently
on point as Clean Theory. Thanks Ron!"
Shirley S. - Paradise Valley
  1. N. Lang - Scottsdale
    "Clean Theory gets all “E’s” - for excellence in every way that matters to a customer.  The quality of the work product, the concern for exceeding expectations every single time you clean the carpeting, the superior products used, and the unbelievable emphasis you place Ron on doing the work efficiently and effectively.  I particularly appreciate your commitment to every detail.
    N. Lang - Scottsdale
  2. Ellen Y. - Phoenix
    "No hassle, no damage, no hidden costs, and best of all, no more dirty carpet! What a concept. I'm sold on Clean Theory."
    Ellen Y. - Phoenix
  3. Nile R. - Chandler
    "I've Been using Ron and Clean Theory for several years now. Even my cats like him. He's super careful not to let them out. Always on time and courteous. I highly recommend his services."
    Nile R. - Chandler
  4. Greg H. - Anthem
    Kudos to Clean Theory! Ron has never let me down. I own several apartments in the valley and have never had a complaint from a new tenant regarding cleanliness. Time is money and it's nice to know he cares about being prompt and efficient. I think they used to call it "being a professional."
    Greg H. - Anthem
  5. Sophia L. - PV
    "Thanks Ron. You made our home look fantastic for the holidays. I thought we'd have to replace that travertine tile in the kitchen but you proved me wrong. You saved us a bundle!"
    Sophia L. - PV
  6. Paul C - Phoenix
    "Thanks to Ron and Clean Theory for making the mundane pleasant, and my carpet and couch resplendent! You sir, are a true professional."
    Paul C - Phoenix